About Us

PADMASHREE JEWELS comes from a family which has been in jewellery business for almost 200 years. Our objective is simple – to create legacy through jewellery!
Each piece comes with a story which manifests its origin. Coming from our Creative Directors desk, each design is hand-picked which can be passed on as an heirloom – it is not just beautiful but it’s a symbol of elegance and opulence.
We at Padmashree jewels do not believe in making clients; instead we believe in making a family!
Your journey to make your heirloom is one click away

Meet The Founder & Creative Director

Siddhartha Vankar

He is from the family of jewellers having a penchant for exquisite and heirloom jewellery. His interests vary from Grandmother’s Traditional Indian to Victorian Classics; from Middle-Eastern Tribal to South-east Asian Jewellery. He loves designing, buying & curating jewellery across the globe.

When he is not a Jeweller, he is an Author, Writer, Creative Director & Show-runner for Indian Television Industry.

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